Data is the precious asset and Data protection must not be ignored in businesses. Ransomware is the number-one threat to businesses today, so never lose your asset.

With workloads accelerating to multi-cloud ecosystems and workers more often operating remotely, data is harder to manage and control than ever before.

Businesses today invest in a robust and comprehensive data management solution that is powerful and flexible enough to protect all phases of your evolving data life-cycle. Secure, manage, and monitor your data protection environment well-enough to stand up against cyberthreats.

No matter the size of your organization or how much data you have to back up, the 3-2-1 or 3-2-1-1 backup rule is the best rule of thumb to follow. It maximizes the reliability of your data backups and protects them from most types of disasters, including ransomware attacks and natural calamities.

Smart-SLA covers the Data Backup and DR Monitoring to make sure backup jobs and data recovery drill tests are performed in an orchestrator manner.

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