Continuous monitoring and regular maintenance help reducing the number of IT issues that keeps the IT infrastructure more hygienic. Many problems can be prevented with a proactive monitoring and maintenance. Smart-SLA ensures that your hardware is functioning efficiently and identifies technical glitches before any disruption to your business continuity.

Our Smart Falcon proactively keeps eye on your IT Infrastructure according to the enterprise IT Hygiene and Optimization practices. It helps identify and resolve the problems as early as possible, thus minimising the need for reactive support. The system keeps records of all events and incidences which help to analyse the root-cause of recurrent problems to avoid repetition.

An agent is installed onto workstations, laptops, and servers. It automatically checks the health of devices and performs automated preventative maintenance work to reduce the number of unexpected complications. The detection of any warnings or critical events will trigger an instant notification alert. We also provide remote monitoring service for all network devices such as routers, firewall, and manageable switches.

Proactive Monitoring
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